Kiss – Kiss (1974)

Kiss is the debut album from the american band of the same name. Along with Destroyer, this is their best studio album. Without the presence of a hit single or any radio support. Kiss sold around 75,000 copies soon after its release. How did they do it? Word of mouth by non-stop performances. Of course, great music had something to do with it as well…

This album is a classic example of what 70’s hard rock is all about. It’s full of catchy melodies and memorable guitar riffs with nothing too intellectual or provoking. Just how it should be, plain, unadulterated rock and roll.

Along with the rest of the band’s catalog, this album has been digitally remastered. The track listing is amazing. Crammed full of songs that became concert staples and included in many anthologies. There are seven special songs: Strutter, Nothin’ To Loose, Firehouse, Cold Gin, Deuce, Black Diamond and 100,000 Years. Interesting note, before the band had any record deal, five of these songs were included the band’s original demo tape. This tape was produced by non other than Eddie Kramer. The studio owed the band a favor for some unpaid work they’ve done. It might be interesting to hunt down this tape.

The album cover has a couple of interesting stories. The band always did their own makeup by themselves but Peter Criss tried using a professional instead for the cover photo. It looked awful! Obviously he went back to doing the make up his own way. Another story is that Ace Frehley, trying to impress the other guys, spray painted his hair silver to look cool. It took weeks for that to come out and he had a skin reaction to it.

Kiss sound just as fresh today as it did back then. You can’t miss this album from the hottest band in the land.

5 out of 5 stars.

Mr. Roboto


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