Breakfast In America – Supertramp (1979)

Breakfast In America is the mega-smash release by the group Supertramp. In the face of internal turmoil, the band hit the big time and achieved massive commercial success on both sides of the Atlantic. Breakfast In America became their biggest selling album with more than 18 million copies sold worldwide.

Despite having roots in progressive rock, Supertramp created material here that sounds very pop-oriented with very little self indulgence. In fact, I like to look at Supertramp as a pop band with prog rock leanings. Besides pop and rock, I also hear a tad of jazz here and there. To me, the most distinctive sound feature on the album is the use of the Wurlitzer electric piano on a number of songs.

Breakfast In America has very few weak moments. The pop hits The Logical Song, Goodbye Stranger, Take The Long Way Home and Breakfast In America definitely stand out but this is still a nice album to listen to all the way through.

Keep in mind that this album has been re-mastered a couple of times. The latest revision is more desirable because it has the original album art restored.

If you have good taste in music Breakfast In America sounds delicious and can only be served by Supertramp. Bon Appétit!

5 out of 5 stars.

Mr. Roboto


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