Fly Like An Eagle & Book Of Dreams – Steve Miller Band (1977-78)

Fly Like An Eagle and Book Of Dreams are the brainchild of american guitarist and songwriter Steve Miller. They’re the definition of album rock and a perfect example of 70’s classic rock. I estimate that I have probably listened to these albums at least a couple of hundred times. They’re that good. In fact, I don’t know which one is better because they were both recorded at the same time and even considered to be released as a double album. That’s why I’m reviewing both together.

Steve Miller had the most incredible guitar schooling during his early years. At a young age, he had lessons from both T-Bone Walker and Les Paul. They were friends of the family! He also had jam sessions with Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters and Buddy Guy. During his early twenties his band became the backing band for Chuck Berry. What a incredible resume!

With this strong blues foundation coupled with the psychedelic movement of the 60’s he started his own brand of space rock that lasted until the early 70’s. At that point, he decided to drop the psychedelic tendencies and go a little more pop and simplistic with The Joker. It wasn’t until Fly Like An Eagle and Book Of Dreams that his vision became fully realized.

The songs from both albums were recorded in several sessions with different musicians at a couple of different places. There was a point that Miller almost canned the whole project from dissatisfaction. In the end his persistence paid off. Fly Like An Eagle, Take The Money And Run, Rock’n Me, Jet Airliner, Jungle Love, True Fine Love, Swingtown, Serenade, The Stake, Dance Dance Dance, Wild Mountain Honey, Winter Time are remarkable classic rock radio staples we all know.

Fly Like An Eagle 30th Anniversary deluxe package is the way to go. It has remastered sound with bonus tracks and a dvd concert. I own a re-mastered import of Book of Dreams. Hopefully this album will also get a domestic deluxe treatment soon.

Fly Like An Eagle and Book Of Dreams are albums that you can most defintely listen to all the way through without skipping anything. So make you also don’t skip these two albums from your classic rock collection!

5 out of 5 stars.

Mr. Roboto


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