Abbey Road – The Beatles (1969)

Abbey Road was the last album recorded by The Beatles (Let It Be was the last album released). It went straight to number one after its release and stayed at the top for 17 weeks! The Rolling Stone magazine voted it the 14th greatest album of all time. It’s amazing how a falling apart band is able to release such a great record.

It’s very difficult to choose a favorite Beatles album. They’re all perfect but I have to say Abbey Road has the best production of them all. Of course a lot of the credits go the George Martin. Also, Alan Parsons was credited as assistant engineer. Abbey Road and Let It Be were the only two albums recorded on a 8-track machine recorder instead of the old 4-track recorders.

I’m not going to highlight any songs from this album. All I have to say is that the Beatles are the cream of the crop and their music is timeless. You can’t go wrong any of it.

The photograph on the album cover is perhaps the most famous shot of the band. It helped propagate the “Paul is dead” urban legend. It also made the zebra crossing a tourist attraction. Interesting to note that the parked Volkswagen beetle had its license plate stolen several times because of the photo. Now the car is on a display in a museum.

With regards to the Beatles, I don’t have to tell you that any of their albums are essential recordings, right? The whole Beatles catalog has been finally remastered through a meticulously 4-year process. That’s the version of the Abbey Road I recommend to own.

5 out of 5 stars.

Mr. Roboto


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