British Steel – Judas Priest (1980)

British Steel is the sixth album by the band Judas Priest. It was their first album to appear in the US Billboard chart and it reached #4 in the UK Pop Album chart. British Steel is perhaps the best example of what the new wave of british heavy metal was all about.

British Steel was recorded at Tittenhurst Park, home of  John Lennon and later Ringo Starr. This album has a more accessible and commercial flavor then its predecessors in both music and lyrics.

Everything that defines 80’s heavy metal is included here. Long gone are the last traces of blues, characteristic of the genre in the past. The music here sits comfortably between the groove of AC/DC and the sophistication of Iron Maiden. It’s packed full of unforgettable riffs on driving beats. Of course Breaking The Law and Living After Midnight steal the show. Grinder, Metal Gods, Rapid Fire, The Rage and Steeler are other very strong tracks. United is perhaps the only weak moment.

British Steel was remastered in 2001 with bonus tracks, definitely the way to go.

British Steel is unquestionably the metal gods at their peak and a historical landmark in heavy metal music. I definitely recommend starting here for a first taste of the band.

5 out of 5 stars.

Mr. Roboto


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